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Leadership Development If you want to change the world, change the leadership

Leadership development for effective leadership

Leadership development is an issue for every organization. 70% of the performance of an organisation is determined by the quality of the leaders. What about the quality of your leaders, related to the issues at this very moment and in the near future? In our opinion leadership and change are closely connected. Leadership is about change, change is about leadership. How capable are your leaders to take your company to the next phase?

You are the only ones who could teach me how to deal with group dynamics.

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If you are not sure if you can face the future with  your current team, think about what needs to be done. Be sure that you never lose on the knowledge, skills or attitude of your leaders. There are so many ways to deal with deficiencies; that’s leadership too!

Leadership development is about cultures, systems, psychology and behaviour . In the end our programs focus on behaviour. What do you do? What is the effect of what you do on the performance of the organization? How can you improve that effect? We support leaders in beging flexible in mind and actions. Act differently to achieve different results. That why we think it is important that leaders enlarge their behavioural range. They need to be flexible enough to addapt their behaviour to the situation. In our programs participants certainly go outside their comfort zone.

Training is on-the-job, individual, or in groups. Our programs in leadership development already have worked for Japanese, American and Dutch companies, in production, finance, ICT, consultancy, assurances, health care and public services industries. Our clients confirm that individual participants improved their performances significantly. They didn’t expect the training to be of such great influence on the performance and the development of the organization as a whole.

Aart Pijl and Loes Bon design and conduct the programs, as international qualified Master Trainers and Certified Management Consultants. With both over 25 years proven experience, we know the needs of organizations and how to develop leadership at all different levels.

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