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Case 1 Department from the shadow

Cases Productief & prettig samen werken

Organizational Change

Case 1 Department from the shadow

Few departments, crucial for the success of the company, don’t have the necessary position or the influence. The departments are not naturally part of the process. Others don’t ask, and the managers of these departments don’t push hard enough. Top managment tried to intervene, but without any success. The distance between the departments only gets bigger.

Personal note: a few super talented managers broke through, and few where said goodbye in a good way. With fewer people, the right contribution.

Case 2 Completely different

Because of regulations a bank and insurance company needs to change the way they are working completely. Severy negative energy is released in the company, which leads to unwanted disturbance, a lot of movement, but no direction. The employees need to participate in the change. The company is more dependend on them than ever. Fewer employees with greater responsibility have to ensure a larger turnover. The CEO asks for support.

Personal note: Attempts with training, coaches, a culture program, farewell to managers and employees yielded insufficient results. We chose the professionals with their strong energy as a starting point. Not by rolling out another general, central program.

Leadership Development

Case 1 Increase capacity to change

Request of the management: leadership in organisational change

Some major changes on the agenda, insufficient change capacity, and different views on where to go,among managers, starting with the ‘owners’ of those changes at the top. The company has a sounding department of management consultants, but they do not get the position they need to contribute.

Personal reflection: At the invitation of the management succeed in getting the main players from the line and the advisory department together in a program around a number of crucial themes. A number of sessions followed, and finally a course of about 1 year, that was given the depth that was needed.

Case 2 Support to a fast-growing production company

Request from the management: Quickly raise the level of leadership.

An international and fast-growing company with many young inexperienced highly trained professionals in management positions and a large responsibility. Quality in leadership needs to rise quickly in order to be able to cope with growth.

Personal reflection: started with a program for team leaders and managers, later expanded to division managers, management team and the top advisers of staff services, and future managers. In the end over 200 participants over a number of years. Nice complete program with a lot of interaction, including educational tests and individual assessment by the leadership team. Major gain was the common leadership language. The leaders at the top, trained by us as coaches, fulfilled a wonderful role for their managers.

Team Development

Case 1 Collaborate in one big team

The leadership team of the commercial department of a company, with offices throughout the Netherlands.

The new commercial director has the firm task to quickly revive the company. The whole department has been reorganized, the leadership is complete. With this team he is supposed to set the new course for the company. But the team is not doing well. He is looking for ways to speed up.

It soon became apparent that the delay was caused by the teams of the managers in the leadership team. All managers had problems with their own departments, which held on old, no longer functional, routines. Together with the leadersip team we devised a strategy to break the old style of the department teams. Ultimately, the leadership team managed to make the entire commercial department with 80 employees to work as one team.

Case 2 Neglected team

The leadership team in public administration, at national level.

The leadership has changed often, one after the other. With different styles, assignments and personal preferences they sowed unrest and confusion. Now young and ambitious department managers face each other, divided and with a lot of emotion. The new interim manager asks for support.

With great care and attention from the interim manager for the individuals, we were able to reduce the interest of the team to the vision and the mission of their department. They managed to keep the right items on the agenda and to keep the communication pure. Together we cleared up the mess and left them with a new foundation and new routines.

Executive Coaching

Coach case 2 Leave the organisation well

Coach Aart: Together we broadly explored what can and can not be directed in preparation for departure, what should you want, and what not? We have come up with strengthening the infrastructure to reduce dependence. By upgrading the system, the organization became more attractive for an even better CEO, they managed to hire.

Coach case 1 High potential to director

Coach Loes: Smart young woman in a technical environment, men, therefore, flows at lightning speed. The management sees her talent, gives her a promotion and places some heavy assignments with her. She feels the pressure and the risks and wants an executive coach to support with her positioning and development. For everyone she was already the director. She didn’t feel it that way, it went all too fast. That shift has now been made.