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Team Development: Wearing the same shirt, doesn’t mean you’re a team

Team development for management teams. Success depends on a strong management team taking charge of the development of the organization. Unfortunately a group of excellent leaders isn’t a successful team. Diversity is powerful, but can be a distractor for the unity that sometimes is really necessary. Teams needs to learn how to deal with diversity, to take real effort of the differences.

Invest in your management team, in a way that connects to your business, the history and composition of your team and the phase of development. Make sure to develop a healthy cooperation, as an example for all other teams. Today’s business is all about teamwork. With good teamwork you can beat the competition. So take some time to invest in your team and do it the right way. Lots of teambuilding activities aren’t worth paying for, because they don’t give the results you need.

A myth in team development says that teamwork depends on the way people are related. We agree on the significance of relationships, however it is just one element, and it is getting to much emphasis. Whatever challenges a team is facing the team can’t cope with, in it always leads to issues between people. In our experience the original cause we usually find elsewhere.

In team development we focus on the people, their roles, the task and the context in which they operate. We facilitate teamwork. Lots of boards and management teams we have worked with confirm their more solid and sustainable identity. All participants are individually more capable of teamwork and pass their wisdom on to their teams.

If the shirts are divided, we are pleased to help you make it a team.

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