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Team Development CDs ‘No Nonsense Tools for Teams’

Team Development: Get the best out of your team and be the best Team Leader you can be.

  • CD 1 Acquiring Position
  • CD 2 Building Trust
  • CD 3 Showing Success
  • Workbook

Team Building: Team Development with Team CDs

Team Development CDs with clear and simple directions. Better than any book or any training.

80% of all teams only perform on 20% of their potential, and it is so easy to improve this performance.

This audio training is specially designed for Team Leaders, Project Leaders and Heads of Departments who:

In a competitive world, teamwork counts. Results mostly depend on the way people are working together. In this more and more self-orientated world this is a challenge for all leaders. With these team CDs we provide you with a vast quantity of the best and most practical instructions. This audio training provides team leaders with the best tools with how to help their team to cooperate and perform the best they can.

You only listen 2 tracks a day, 2x 6 minutes. The same day you will find yourself acting according to the instructions. In a very short time you will have all the information absorbed, and can deal with most of the team challenges.

Discover how to get the best out of your team and be the team leader everyone wants to work for.

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