Loes Bon

Change is leadership and leadership is change.

Background education: Business administration, Social sciences and Change management. Firstly I developed as a specialist in mergers, utilizing my education in these various fields. Then I was a consultant with one of the largest consultancy firms in The Netherlands. Sinces 1999 I have been self-employed, joint owner of Change Company.

I am in the business of professionalising organizations, leadership and employees. I have a preference for a powerful, structured approach, for everyone’s understanding. It has been said that I am focused, work with perfection, energy and calmness. Many years of training in Tai Chi has definitely had great influence.

Every year I travel abroad for at least 1 to 2 months for study or work. Our job at the top of Ford Motor Company in Detroit has been one of the most exciting experiences. Meeting with leaders, scientists and colleagues all over the world has enriched my life and work. I have had the honour to learn from great masters like Peter Block and Edgar Schein. At this moment I am a mentor for some young talented women.

You helped me to manage the big change our organization is going through.

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