Aart Pijl

Successful organizational change is a combination of hardness and softness, renewing and reconnecting.

My ideal partners are managers with ambitions, who need support on issues involving the company, it’s employees and on managing change.

The building blocks for my performance are my education in Business Administration, Social Sciences and Change Management. Since I strive for ‘mastery’ I have invested for over 25 years developing my professional knowledge and skills worldwide. In this way I have achieved a very interesting and broad ‘body of knowledge’, which helps me to distinguish valuable theories from hypes.

Firstly I worked as a consultant at KPN, then with one of the largest consultancy firms in The Netherlands. Now I am self-employed and owner of Change Company since 1999. I have also worked as a volunteer with disadvantaged people, including drugs addicts, young unemployed and lonely elderly people. All these experiences combined have formed me into a realist in change.

You are a strategist in change and a master in confronting with a smile.

CEO Chemical Industry