Peak Performance for Executives London 2012

In the context of peak performance we were invited to give a presentation in London. We shared our experiences in executive coaching, with the focus on making good decisions.

Neurosciences are hot these days. We know so much more about how our neurological system is working, and even measurements can now be made in very simple ways. The core of our message was not new: we need our ‘head’ and our ‘heart’ to make decisions with great impact. It is important to have access to all personal knowledge and experiences to contribute in making the right decisions. We also know that it isn’t always easy to get access to all information we have available, especially when it comes to stressful situations.

The activity of the autonomic nervous system can now be measured and monitored. So we can measure if someone is in a state of peak performance. Participants showed great interest in our demonstrations. We could all see how managers got out of balance when they where put in difficult situations. People well trained in meditation where not able to tell when they were in their most resourceful state. It is hardly impossible to be aware of the activity of our own autonomic nervous system. Of course we also showed different ways how to learn to get in that state of peak performance.

After the session medical doctors and hypnotherapists came to us to discuss the applications. They are much more familiar with this phenomenon than managers and consultants, and they were enthusiastic about how we put this in our practice of executive coaching.